‘Forgo The Turkey’: NBC Host Suggests Not Buying Thanksgiving Bird This Year As Prices Rise

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Kaitlin Housler Contributor
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An NBC News correspondent suggested on a Saturday segment of NBC’s “Today” that Americans “forgo the turkey” this Thanksgiving due to rising inflation.  

“While we are on the topic of something that could be controversial, perhaps forgo the turkey. Bear with me. I know that is the staple of the Thanksgiving meal, however, some people think turkey is overrated, and so it tends to be the most expensive thing on the table,” NBC News correspondent Vicky Nguyen said.

Nguyen then suggested Americans consider doing an “Italian feast” instead of the traditional turkey Thanksgiving meal. (RELATED: ‘Feels Like Joe Biden Is Jimmy Carter’: Ted Cruz Says ‘Skyrocketing Inflation’ And ‘Gas Lines’ Make It Feel Like The 1970s Again)

“And I will say this, if you tell everyone you’re having a Thanksgiving without turkey, some guests may drop off the list and that’s a way to cut costs, too,” the NBC correspondent concluded.

A survey released on Nov. 18 from the American Farm Bureau Association shows the average cost for Thanksgiving dinner in 2021 is up 14% from last year. Turkey is up 24% from last year, coming in at $23.99 for a 16-pound bird which is roughly $1.50 per pound, according to the survey.

Inflation reached a 30-year high in October, with the Consumer Price Index growing 0.9% from the previous month and reaching 6.2% on a year-over-year measure. The Producer Price Index, which measures inflation at the wholesale level, rose 8.6% on a year-over-year basis as of early November, increasing at a record rate for the second straight month.