Bill Burr Rips People Trying To Cancel Comedians, Says He Won’t Apologize To Complainers Who Don’t Go To His Shows

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Bill Burr doesn’t plan on bending to the woke mob.

More than ever before, we need great comedy as the woke mob and politically correct idiots attempt to cancel comedians for jokes they don’t like. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Look no further than the nonsense Dave Chappelle has to deal with for proof of that fact. However, Burr doesn’t want to hear it and he’s not apologizing to members of the PC crowd who don’t even buy tickets.

Burr said the following in part during a Tuesday discussion with Pat McAfee:

I’m not saying I’ve never made mistakes. There’s times I’ve, you know, pissed someone off and made somebody cry, and if they come up and they have a legitimate thing, then I’ll apologize to them. But, I’m not apologizing to a bunch of f**king people because I told a joke they weren’t at. I told a joke at a show you weren’t at. How is that my fault

You can listen to the entire segment below.

I agree with Burr 100%, and I might even take it a step further. I’m not sure I would apologize to even a very specific individual if they didn’t like a joke.

I’d explain to them it’s a joke and that they should laugh and move on.

However, I’d damn sure never apologize to people who wouldn’t buy tickets to a show in a million years. That’s something people need to understand about apologizing to the mob.

Bending the knee to people who hate you no matter what will get you nowhere. Does anyone really think the people chirping Chappelle will all of a sudden become paying customers if he apologizes?

The answer is an obvious and overwhelming no. So, why even give them the time of day?

I agree 100% with Burr’s stance about not caving in, and I hope more people follow his lead.