‘Wonder Woman’ Locks Lips With Female Superhero In New DC Issue

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“Wonder Woman” locked lips with her female superhero girlfriend in an upcoming new DC comic book issue in the latest move to push LGBTQ storylines.

In the issue titled, “Dark Knights of Steel,” Superman’s sister and the princess of House of El, Zala-El, is on the hidden island of Themyscira, when she learns from Lois Lane that her father has been murdered, NBC News reported Friday. (RELATED: ‘Justice League’ Movie Will Follow ‘Batman Vs. Superman’)

Zala-El is obviously distraught by the news and finds comfort from her girlfriend, and two women share a kiss, the outlet noted. (RELATED: REPORT: Upcoming Superman Movie To Star Black Actor In Superhero Role)

The two superheroes met while sparring on the battlefield, according to Screenrant. In the “Dark Knights of Steel” series, it’s believed that the couple will team up for a battle between the House of El and the Kingdom of Storms, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Clark Kent makes a major life change in new ‘Superman’)

This means “Wonder Woman” is now bisexual following her relationship, since her creation in 1941, with military veteran and pilot, Steve Trevor.

This new LGBTQ storyline follows a recent one by DC Comics after it announced that Superman’s son the new Superman, Jonathan Kent, is bisexual and kisses a male reporter, Jay Nakamura, in “Superman: Son of Kal-El.”

“Jay could be the only person in Jon’s life that he does not have to protect,” Tom Taylor, who writes the hero series, explained. “I wanted to have a really equal, supportive relationship for those two.”

“I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and they deserve to see themselves in their heroes,” he added. “For so many people, having the strongest superhero in comics come out is incredibly powerful.”

For those that might not be familiar with Jonathan, he was introduced in 2015. He spent most of those years labeled Superboy, before being encouraged to take on the Superman role by his father.