Two Robbery Suspects Were Out On Bail In Philadelphia. Democratic DA Larry Krasner Calls It ‘Shocking’

From a different press conference than that referenced in the story. Screenshot/YouTube/6abc Philadelphia

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Democratic District Attorney Larry Krasner said Monday it was “shocking” and “astounding” that two out of three men allegedly involved in armed robberies were out on bail.

Krasner blamed Philadelphia’s bail commissioners for denying his request to set the bail of the two men at a higher amount that would have prohibited the men from being let free before trial, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“That is indicative of what we’ve been talking about for a very, very long time, which is how a cash bail system utterly fails us,” Krasner said, reported the Inquirer. (RELATED: Philadelphia Man Charged With Murder Was Released On Reduced Bail 2 Weeks Prior Because Of COVID-19)

Krasner asked for one of the defendants’ bail to be set at $999,999, but was ultimately set at $25,000 for a gun charge and $75,000 for a drug-related charge, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Krasner also asked for another defendants’ bail in a previous case to be set at $999,999. However, the defendants’ bail was ultimately set at $150,000, reported the outlet.

Many cities that have drastically reduced or completely eliminated cash bail have seen a massive increase in crime. Krasner said in July that the recent uptick in crime is evidence that the cash bail system should be ended completely.