REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Finale Shocks Fans With Major Death

Yellowstone, John Dutton (Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Yellowstone” was wild Sunday night with the season four finale.


Coming into the season four finale, we all knew that things were going to get wild. After all, every “Yellowstone” finale gets crazy. (REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone‘ Is Outstanding With ‘No Such Thing As Fair’)

What an absolutely insane ending to season four. I knew as soon as Beth was in Jamie’s office that he was going to end up killing his father. That, to me, was her clear plan.

He took away her ability to have kids and she took away his father. Not only did he murder his father, but she schemed it up to photograph him dumping the body at the train station.

I’m absolutely speechless right now, and that’s putting it lightly. Of all the insane endings we could have had, Jamie shooting his biological father and then blackmailing Jamie is a twist none of us saw coming.

As for Kayce and Monica, I’ll be honest with you all when I say I’m not really sure I understand a lot of this season with them. Yes, they got a house together and she got pregnant again, but it always seemed like something was.

Well, I guess I now understand. Whatever Kayce saw must have been really bad for him to tell Monica he saw the end of them. What a brutal turn of events.

It was also outstanding to see Rip and Beth finally tie the knot. It wasn’t the most traditional wedding, but hey, nothing in “Yellowstone” is normal.

It was another classic example of a story playing out over the course of four seasons, and being tied up perfectly. A massive success for Taylor Sheridan and the entire “Yellowstone” universe.

As for Jimmy, his time at the ranch has come to an end after four outstanding seasons. Now, he’s headed to Texas for his spinoff show with his future wife!

I know there were a few people who didn’t love Jimmy being in Texas this season, but I actually enjoyed it. Of all the downtrodden characters in “Yellowstone,” has been arguably the worst.

For once in his sad and disappointing life, he’s finally earned a few wins. It’s great to see.

Also, I’m not a lawyer, but can judges just throw out plea deals and hand down prison sentences that lengthy?

I did love John tearing into that judge. Even though we know John will do anything to protect his ranch, he still looks out for people who can’t look out for themselves.

That’s great to see.

Overall, it wasn’t the greatest season of “Yellowstone,” but I still loved it. Most importantly, there’s still more to this story left, and I can’t wait to experience it.

P.S.: Cowboys don’t say goodbye. They say see you later. I can’t wait for the start of season five!