Joy Behar Says Neil Gorsuch Is ‘Pro-Life But Won’t Wear A Mask’


Sean Raleigh Contributor
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“The View” co-host blasted Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch on Wednesday, saying that it’s “annoying” that he “is supposedly pro-life and won’t wear a mask.”

Guest co-host, Tara Setmayer, filling in for regular host Whoopi Goldberg, criticized Gorsuch for speaking at an upcoming meeting of conservative-libertarian organization, The Federalist Society, the Associated Press reported. Goldberg was suspended Tuesday for her comments about the Holocaust. (RELATED: Whoopi Goldberg Suspended From ‘The View’ Over Holocaust Remarks)

Gorsuch and Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor pushed back against a recent report that suggested Gorsuch didn’t wear a mask during oral arguments.


“The problem here (is) usually when Supreme Court justices would speak it would be in an academic setting, which no one really has a problem with” Setmayer said.

“But in this case, because of the docket the Supreme Court has coming up and… abortion is such a hot button issue in this country as we all know, Gorsuch, he’s going to be presiding over this and this is so overtly, clearly partisan here. I think it’s problematic.”

The hosts then discussed Republican candidate for Michigan governor Garrett Soldano’s belief that babies conceived through rape should not be aborted.

“It is a little annoying that Gorsuch who is supposedly pro-life won’t wear a mask,” Behar said just before the segment ended.

The CDC has recently changed its guidelines concerning masks, clarifying “that some types of masks and respirators provide more protection to the wearer than others” and noting that “loosely woven cloth products provide the least protection.”