Spotify Deletes Over 70 Episodes Of Joe Rogan’s Podcast Amid COVID-19 Controversy, Use Of Racial Slurs

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Bryan Babb Contributor
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Spotify deleted over 70 episodes of Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Friday after Rogan was accused of spreading COVID-19 misinformation and using racial slurs in some of the shows.

The removed episodes all first aired years ago, according to The Hill.

Rogan posted a video on his Instagram account where he addresses the racial slurs he used in some of the removed episodes.



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“I’m making this video to talk about the most regretful and shameful that I’ve ever had to talk about publicly,” Rogan said. “There’s a video out that’s a compilation of me saying the N-word. It’s a video that’s made of clips taken out of context of me of 12 years of conversation on my podcast and it’s all smushed together and it looks fucking horrible, even to me.”

“There’s nothing I can do to take that back. I wish I could. Obviously, that’s not possible,” Rogan added. “I certainly wasn’t trying to be racist, and I certainly would never want to offend someone for entertainment with something as stupid as racism.” (RELATED: Jon Stewart Calls ‘Overreaction’ To Joe Rogan A ‘Mistake’)

Several music artists have demanded the network dump Rogan’s podcast. Singer Neil Young told Spotify to choose between his music and “The Joe Rogan Experience” after he accused Rogan of “spreading fake information about vaccines.”

An open letter from 270 doctors urged Spotify to institute a policy for the spread of COVID-19 misinformation after an episode of Rogan’s podcast featured Dr. Robert Malone. Malone, a virologist who helped create the technology used in mRNA vaccines, questioned the safety of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Spotify did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.