‘Worldwide Rebellion’: CNN Guest Stephanie Carvin Spouts Fear Porn About Trucker Protests Going Global


Bryan Babb Contributor
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Stephanie Carvin, an author and associate professor at the Carleton University in Ottawa, appeared Thursday on CNN, where she stated that “Freedom Convoy” protesters are sparking a “worldwide rebellion.”


“So we think Canadians generally, and maybe the international community as well, is looking at this and we’re just scratching our heads and wondering why we really haven’t had a more fast solution,” Carvin said, referring to “Freedom Convoy” protesters demonstrating against the Canadian government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other pandemic-related restrictions. “Because in failing to act, quite frankly, I think this movement has spread within Canada and also now might be spreading internationally.”

The CNN host agreed, noting that the protesters “do inspire others across the globe.” She pointed out that there have been demonstrations in Europe and New Zealand “tapping into the anti-vaccine sentiment” and inciting “civil disobedience,” and asked Carvin how she thought such protests could be stopped.

“Well, honestly, I never expected it to get really to this point,” Carvin responded. “I mean, I was well aware of who was organizing this event, but if you told me this would spark off a worldwide rebellion of angry people with industrial machinery, I would not have believed that three weeks ago.”

“Freedom Convoy” protests have continued across Canada, with truckers blocking key points along the U.S.-Canada border, including Ambassador Bridge on Monday. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency Sunday in response to the protests. (RELATED: Ottawa Mayor Declares State Of Emergency As Trucker Protest Continues)

“It’s not just about the vaccines. It’s about stopping the public health mandates altogether,” said Valley Flatbed & Transportation owner Daniel Bazinet of Nova Scotia, according to the New York Post.