Viral Video Allegedly Shows A Ukrainian Stealing A Russian Missile System Using A Tractor

Russian Tor-M2 (Credit: MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images and Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/Kyruer/status/1499857227389313026)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A wild video allegedly shows a Ukrainian stealing a Russian missile system.

In a video tweeted by @Kyruer, a tractor could be seen towing what appeared to be a Russian Tor-M2 down the road. A Tor-M2 is a surface-to-air missile system used by the Russian military. According to Defence Blog, multiple vehicles and Russian assets have been captured since the invasion of Ukraine started. It’s not clear if the Tor-M2 in the video was recently taken or if Russia lost in the early days of the invasion.

You can watch the semi-laughable video below.

We’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff come out of the conflict in Ukraine and this is just the latest example. Imagine driving down the street and just seeing someone towing a SAM system with a tractor.

It’s crazy to even say that out loud, but here we are.

While it’s not as wild as watching a fighter jet or a helicopter getting shot down, it’s still a surreal situation and seems so chill.

There were no explosions, no fighting or anything else crazy going on in the video. The man was just towing a Tor-M2.

Let’s hope the Russians keep finding ways to give the Russians absolute hell! Putin’s already learned this invasion isn’t going to be as easy as he hoped, and we can only keep our fingers crossed his forces get bogged down as much as possible.