Video Reportedly Shows Russian Tank Blowing Up Car, Killing Two Elderly Ukrainians With No Provocation


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video posted Tuesday morning allegedly shows a Russian armored vehicle blowing up a civilian car containing two elderly Ukrainians.

Ragip Soylu, the Turkey Bureau Chief for Middle East Eye,  shared the video on his Twitter account, but the watermarks suggest the video came from someone called “Kyiv Operative.” Soylu claimed that the Russian military vehicle killed two elderly Ukrainian citizens, which is unclear from the video itself. The attack took place Feb. 28, 2022  at roughly 1:17 p.m., according to the timestamp in the video.

The video shows what appears to be a Russian tank approaching a maroon sedan at a deserted intersection. The sedan stops as the tank approaches and is blown up by the Russian vehicle seconds later. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: Trump Warned UN About Relying On Russian Oil, Was Laughed At By German Delegation)

British journalist Stuary Ramsay, who is on the ground in Ukraine, claimed Russian “death squads” were carrying out “professional” ambushes and attacking civilians as they tried to flee. Ramsey and his team were targeted by Russian militias while filming in Kyiv. Despite screaming that they were journalists, the group were met with a hail of bullets, with one hitting Ramsay in the back.

Near the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, Russian military forces bombed a civilian apartment complex earlier in the month. In just 12 days of war, Russians have been consistently targeting civilian targets across Ukraine’s major cities, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Russian air raids on residential buildings led to the deaths of children in the city of Sumy, The Kyiv Independent tweeted. The Head of Sumy Regional State Administration Dmitry Zhivitsky said at least 10 people were killed Thursday in the targeted attack, according to the tweet.