‘Crazed Recklessness’: Tucker Warns Biden’s Recent Rhetoric Is Something More Than A Gaffe

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson warned Monday that President Joe Biden’s rhetoric on the war in Ukraine is “something more” than a gaffe.

Biden gave an address to U.S. troops stationed in Warsaw, Poland, on Friday where he mistakenly said they would set foot in Ukraine, despite the administration vowing not to deploy U.S. troops on Ukrainian grounds.

“The last president never said anything that even approaches the crazed recklessness of what you just heard. ‘You’re going to see when you’re there.’ Where? In Ukraine. So the 82nd Airborne is apparently going to Ukraine, their Commander-in-Chief just told them that. Of course, they had no idea. Neither did their families, neither did anyone in the United States until Joe Biden said it live. The White House didn’t even know.”

“So for the second time, in three days, the administration has to flatly contradict the Commander-in-Chief, and not on a minor question. These are often written off as a gaffe. No, a gaffe is when you mispronounce somebody’s name. Telling troops you’re going to be sent to Ukraine, pledging the United States is going to use chemical weapons? These are not gaffes, these are something else. They’re dangerous, that’s for sure.”

Carlson then pointed to the president calling for regime change in Russia during his Saturday address in Warsaw, where he declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.” The Daily Caller co-founder reiterated that regime change has never been the official policy of the U.S. in Russia and noted that Russia is a nuclear power. (RELATED: ‘Played By Vladimir Putin’: Tucker Mocks Biden And The Media Over The Feb. 16 Russian Invasion Warning) 

He warned that eliminating Putin would likely transfer nuclear weapons into his successor to potentially use on the American people, to which he suggested Biden’s recent statements would encourage the Russian president to use those weapons against the U.S.

“How do trapped animals behave? Well, they lash out with fangs and claws. Desperate people are dangerous people, of course,” Carlson continued. “So it would be in the interest of the United States, and that’s the only interest that matters in our perspective, to cool the rhetoric a little bit or when you employ overheated rhetoric, to do it for a reason in the service of a clearly articulated goal that helps the United States and not just because you’re old and pissed, which is exactly what you just saw.”

The administration immediately walked back Biden’s remarks on regime change, saying the president’s message conveyed that Putin “cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region.” Biden denied that he called for regime change on Sunday.