Ingraham Warns Apple, Disney: ‘Everything Will Be On The Table’ When Republicans Get Back Into Power

(Screenshot/Fox News)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News host Laura Ingraham took aim at Big Corporations in her monologue Friday.

“And when Republicans, they get back into power, Apple and Disney need to understand one thing,” Ingraham said, “Everything will be on the table. Your copyright and trademark protection, your special status within certain states, and even your corporate structure itself.”

“The antitrust division at [the U.S. Department of] Justice needs to begin the process of considering which American companies need to be broken up once and for all for competition’s sake, and ultimately for the good of the consumers who pay the bills.”

Antitrust cases against tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have drawn bipartisan support but have not led to any significant results. Three antitrust cases were dismissed by mid-2021, with judges citing a lack of definition over how the major companies possessed a monopoly of power.

Ingraham also noted that companies like Disney and Apple “have products and services that 74 million Trump voters don’t need to purchase if they don’t want to,” stating, “these businesses should really learn this lesson now before it’s too late: stay in your lane,” the outlet reported.