Jason Whitlock Blasts Disney, ESPN, Calls Them ‘Worldwide Leader In Grooming’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Jason Whitlock has gone after Disney and ESPN in a number of the latest episodes of his podcast “Fearless.”

In one of the over-an-hour-long podcasts, Whitlock argues that Disney is “feminizing and wokeifying sports,” which started with the conglomerate’s purchase of ESPN in 1996. “This isn’t some overnight thing that just happened the last two or three years; this isn’t some Colin Kaepernick coincidence that they took advantage of; this has been a plot and a strategy for nearly 30 years,” Whitlock proclaimed.

Whitlock stated that it was Disney’s goal to “Disney-fy ESPN and the sports world, and to feminize ESPN and the sports world.” (RELATED: Disney To Create More Gay Content For Children)

“They do it through their little key catchphrase: diversity, inclusion and equity. They call it diversity, equity and inclusion, I call it diversity, inclusion and equity, because it’s D – I – E. It’s the death of men. It’s the assassination of men,” Whitlock said. “That’s what Disney and ESPN are about. Imposing the matriarchy on the rest of the world.”

Whitlock’s episode caught the attention of failed presidential candidate Joe Walsh, who suggested that the host only posted the podcast to get his “right wing audience outraged.”

In the following episode, Whitlock interviewed political commentator Jack Posobiec, who was recently suspended from Twitter for sharing a t-shirt that called Disney “groomers.” Twitter reportedly felt that Posobiec’s Tweet was “hateful content,” he told Whitlock.

Whitlock previously worked for Disney at ESPN, starting as a writer in 2002, according to The Wrap. He worked on and off with the organization until 2016, the outlet reported. He has shared at least three episodes with content focused on Disney so far, one of which was titled “Disney/ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in GROOMING Your Kids.” Whitlock also interviewed television and podcast host Elijah Schaffer on his experiences with Disney, which did not appear to be particularly positive.