‘Whipped Like No Other’: Trump Predicts Doom For Prince Harry’s Marriage To Meghan Markle

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Former President Donald Trump told British interviewer Piers Morgan that he believes Prince Harry is “whipped,” and that his marriage to Meghan Markle will not last.

Trump’s full commentary on the Royals will air Monday on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” according to the New York Post. “[Prince] Harry is whipped. Do you know the expression?” Trump asks Morgan, who tells the former president that he is “familiar with the phrase.” Trump reportedly goes on to say that Prince Harry is “an embarrassment” for leaving the British royal family and surrendering a majority of his royal duties and reliance on public funds.

Prince Harry and Markle visited the Queen earlier in the month ahead of her 96th birthday. It is the first time the couple have visited the Prince’s grandmother since giving up a majority of their royal duties.

“I’m not a  fan of Meghan. I’m not a fan and I wasn’t right from the beginning. I think poor Harry is being led around by his nose. And I think he’s an embarrassment. And I think she spoke badly of the royal family but in particular the Queen.” Trump tells Morgan, before noting that he and the Queen met while Trump was president and that “she liked me and I liked her.”

Prince Harry and Markle have retained their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, which Trump believes should be stripped from them. “The only thing I disagree with the Queen on probably one of the only things ever is that I think she would have said, ‘If that’s your choice, fine. But you now longer have titles.’ You know?”

Trump goes on to predict that Prince Harry and Markle’s marriage won’t last,  the NY Post continued. “What going to happy when Harry decides he’s had enough of being bossed around, or maybe when she decides that she likes some other guy better,” Trump asks. (RELATED: Scarborough Absolutely Loses It Over Piers Morgan, Trump Clip)

“You think it’s gonna end?” Morgan responds. “I do. I’ve been a very good predictor, as you know. I predicted almost everything. It’ll end and it’ll end bad,” Trump answers.

Watch the trailer for Morgan’s interview with Trump here: