Woman Goes Viral For Telling Fans To Make ‘Dating Roster’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A TikTok influencer went viral after sharing advice on making summer “dating rosters” for free food and drinks.

Hannah from Texas wrote in the caption of one video, “This is your sign to start saying yes to dates and to start a summer dating roster. I have 5 dates with 5 different guys planned in the next two weeks just to network for my roster so I’ll have plenty of plans this summer and men to buy me and my friends drinks during our feral club rat benders.”

The video has amassed almost 90,000 likes in just two days and more than 700,000 views. (RELATED: ‘No Boring People’: Woman Goes Viral For These Ridiculous Wedding Rules)

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In another video, Hannah explained what she meant by “networking for my dating roster this summer,” before detailing that she’s only saying yes to “guys who seem serious.” She will only be “accepting” dates with men who fit her current standards, but is also open to men who aren’t her usual type, according to the video. Hannah said she will be “casually dating” until she finds someone she wants to “be exclusive with,” remaining “celibate,” and communicating her expectations, she continued, before picking up her cat and dancing.

In another video, Hannah wrote, “Friend this is your sign to start networking for your dating roster. Make first moves, get to know these men, and let them provide meals and drinks for you. A smart business plan is to always be open with your communication/not lead them on, and never, ‘expect or ask’ them to pay. They usually will [because] men are natural providers. Accept and show your gratitude while getting these non-physical dates in this summer,” she concluded.