‘Are You Saying Those Children Were No Longer At Risk?’: Reporter Left Stunned After Police Official Makes Shocking Confession

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A reporter covering Friday’s press briefing on Tuesday’s deadly school shooting in Texas was left stunned after a police official said authorities waited to enter the classroom because they thought the kids were no longer at risk.

Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Steven McCraw revealed that cops responding to Robb Elementary School waited nearly an hour for reinforcements before entering the classroom because they believed children were “no longer at risk.”

McCraw explained that the commanding officer did not order authorities to break into the classroom because they believed the situation had transitioned from an active shooter situation to a situation where kids were not at risk. McCraw said several students had called 911 during the time period begging for help.

“You had 15 officers and shields on scene, yet you did not breach the door until 12:50,” a reporter questioned.

“Look, like I’ve said before, that well, first of all, when it comes to an active shooter, you don’t have to wait on tactical gear.”

The reporter then asked an inaudible question. (RELATED: ‘Seven Words That Will Forever Haunt’: CNN’s John King Perfectly Sums Up TX Police Response)

“What I know now, absolutely. It was an active shooter because you can transition. Keep in mind, in the doctrine of active shooters, you can transition from an alert, from an active shooter situation to a barricaded subject, or a barricaded with hostage subject. But, if shooting continues and you have any reason to believe that there’s individuals alive in there, you’ve got an obligation to move back to an active shooter posture. And that means everybody, everybody at the door,” McCraw said.

“Are you saying those children … Are you saying those children were no longer at risk? Are you saying those children were no longer at risk when he barricaded himself?” the reporter pressed.