‘Drag Builds Confidence’: Listen To Drag Queens Defend Their Decision To Perform For Children


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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YouTube channel “Fleccas Talks” shared a video Sunday containing interviews with drag queens at the controversial “Drag Your Kid To Pride” event in Dallas.

The event was hosted at the Mr. Misster gay nightclub, where attendees were encouraged to bring their children to watch and perform with drag queens, according to the video description. The interviews were hosted by Aldo Buttazzoni, who was given permission to sit in on the event, the description noted.

The drag queens performed in front of a glowing pink neon sign that read “It’s Not Gonna Lick Itself!”

Though the video focused on interviews with the performers and adult attendees, children can clearly be seen holding out cash to the drag queens, who promptly take it. In another, a young child with his face blurred out reluctantly walks down a runway alongside one of the performers.

When asked how they felt the event went, one of the performers named Arielle Diamond told Buttazzoni that, “it was amazing. I never get to perform in front of children,” noting that it was very emotional and one of the best shows they’ve ever done.

Buttazzoni asked attendees and the drag queens whether they felt that exposing children to drag would encourage them to go into it themselves. “Before I started doing drag, I was just a little gay boy running these streets,” one of the performers, Noelle Sinclair, told Buttazzoni, “but now, I feel like a fully realized, confident person because of drag.”

When asked what the benefit is of exposing children to drag, Diamond told Buttazzoni that, “This stuff isn’t taught in school. You’re not allowed to see all this.”  (RELATED: Disney To Create More Gay Content For Children)

“This weekend especially is just a really big weekend for everyone to be themselves in a community where they know they’re accepted,” Sinclair responded, before noting, “except for these assholes outside.”

The video then cuts to a large group of protesters. Sinclair told Buttazzoni that they expected the protestors to be there.

Protestors and supposed attendees clashed outside of the venue. One woman in a rainbow “Love Is Love” t-shirt told a man with a megaphone that he was “scaring children” and repeatedly yelled for him to “shut the f*ck up.”

“Do you think that drag is something that should be pushed into the mainstream?” Aldo asked a man wearing a gay pride Beto O’Rourke shirt.

“It already is, whether people know it or not. A lot of the sayings they use and stuff came straight from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ and so they’re taking it over like ‘shade’ and ‘tea’ and all that is a big part of what’s already in the straight community and they just are embracing it even though they don’t understand where it came from,” the man responded.

The clip then cuts to footage taken by comedian Alex Stein, who asked Sinclair if they liked “dancing for little children.” What appears to be a friend of the drag queen then proceeded to push Stein away and say “you’re mom’s a b*tch.”

You can watch the full interview here: