Nicole Kidman Defends Decision To Wear Particularly Skimpy Outfit

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Nicole Kidman appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in February 2022 in very skimpy clothing and recently spoke up to defend her decision.

The successful actress is no stranger to being in the center of the spotlight, but this particularly skimpy outfit turned heads, largely due to the fact that this style of attire is typically worn by much younger women. Kidman spoke up to reveal she wasn’t just comfortable wearing the outfit, she actually begged to be featured in it. Kidman’s barely-there bralette top and the ittie-bittie skirt were accented with long socks to add to the signature school-girl look boasted by clothing designer Miu Miu, according to Vogue.


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In a discussion with famed Australian director and producer Baz Luhrmann, Kidman spoke candidly about having no hesitation whatsoever about putting on the outfit and posing for the cover of Vanity Fair.

“I just marvel, and I think it’s kind of an Aussie spirit thing or whatever, but how as you’ve gone on, your iconography, your challenges in roles, the way you’ve taken control of the process, you being on the cover of Vanity Fair in that Miu Miu outfit, thank you very much!” Luhrmann said, according to Vogue.

Kidman shared her excitement about her decision. “I showed up and they had another outfit for me and I was like, ‘No, no, I like this one! Am I allowed to wear that?’” Kidman told Vanity Fair  “And [the stylist] Katie Grand, who’s just fantastic, was on Zoom, and Katie was like “You’re willing to wear that?!’ And I said, ‘Wear it?! I’m begging you to wear it!’” (RELATED: Vanessa Hudgens Stuns In A Skin-Tight Catsuit)

Part of the shock value from this Miu Miu outfit stems from the backlash the label faced in 2015, according to The Guardian. The designer brand was heavily scrutinized for its ad that featured the then-22-year-old model Mia Goth. Many people slammed the label for dressing Goth to appear as though she was a child, then oversexualizing the photo, the outlet reported.

Miu Miu was effectively “canceled” by fans after the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) agreed with the complaints that were filed against them.

“We considered that the crumpled sheets and her partially opened mouth also enhanced the impression that her pose was sexually suggestive,” the ASA said, according to The Guardian.

Kidman seems unaffected by potential criticism. “I mean, I did walk away when I shot Vanity Fair thinking, ‘What was I thinking?! That was ridiculous! What were you doing, Nicole?!’ And then I went, ‘Eh, oh well!” Kidman told Vogue.