North Korean Defector Has Blunt Words For The Left


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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North Korean defector Yeonmi Park said Tuesday that she is terrified of the “massive indoctrination coming from the left” in America’s public schools.

Park told Fox News Digital that she’s worried  that freedoms are being lost across the United States in what she described as left-wing indoctrination in K-12 public schools. “This is exactly the dictator’s handbook. I mean, it’s Hitler’s youth, Mao’s youth and Kim Il-Sung’s youth,” Park told the outlet, “They always go for young children because they have [not] lived their life enough to … have critical thinking skills. Their brains are very plastic, very malleable, and easy to observe information and believe it and [they’re] innocent.”

She noted that she feels she cannot protect her child in the United States. “Big killers [who] want to seize power from the people, they always mobilize the youth.” Park was born in North Korea and has previously said that her fellow countrymen cannot describe the oppression they experienced. The words were stolen in Orwellian fashion, Fox News noted.

“So the thing about North Korea is that is so oppressed to the point we don’t even have the word for oppression … There’s actually even the control of the language in words. And this is why it concerns me where there’s such a something called a speech code, the things that we cannot talk about in America right now,” Park continued.

Park went on to say that there is so much brainwashing right now that “we are going to end up like North Korea eventually,” Fox noted. “[In America] it’s all about this hierarchy of victimhood. And I see that my son… [is] learning their school, who is privileged, who is guilty.”

On socialism, Park said that “the definition of socialism means giving all the power to the government – they decide the means of production. They despise every aspect of our lives … In North Korea, they say, ‘Okay, we’re going to make sure everybody is equal … So give us all your land.’ So we gave the regime all the land, so they abolish[ed] private property. Nobody could own anything. State owns it. And that is when they took everything, did not give anything back to us. And then when we gave all our rights, they didn’t give anything back …” and that her fears of this happening in the U.S. keep her up at night, Fox noted.

Park has given similar warnings to Americans in the past, saying that the nation’s future is “as bleak as North Korea.” She made the comments while attending Columbia University, where she experienced an “anti-Western sentiment.”