Left-Wingers Refer To Women As ‘Pregnant People’ In Response To Roe Overturn

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Left-wing politicians and figures used the term “pregnant people” for women carrying children in response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

The Supreme Court ruled in the case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, that the 1973 Court decision Roe v. Wade was “egregiously wrong from the start.”  The ruling sent the authority to regulate and restrict abortions back to the states.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar said the decision will prohibit bodily autonomy for “women and pregnant people” across the country.

“This Supreme Court decision is devastating for millions of women and pregnant people across the country. I am outraged this right-wing court is turning the clock back on generations of progress and prohibiting individuals to have autonomy over their bodies. Let’s be clear: This decision is a blow to everyone who believes in the 14th amendment and to anyone who believes there are limits to how much the government can control the decisions we make in our private lives.”

“It’s a dark day for reproductive rights in America,” Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said. “But I want every Pennsylvanian to know abortion services are available and unharmed by today’s ruling. To women and pregnant people in surrounding states and across the country where this isn’t the case: You are safe here.”

Amnesty International USA, a non-governmental human rights organization, said the ruling stripped the choices of “people who can become pregnant” in a statement. (RELATED: The Last Time Liberals Freaked Out This Much, Hillary Lost Pennsylvania)

“Today marks a grim milestone in the history of the United States as the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade and stripped Americans of the right to an abortion,” the organization tweeted. “Millions of people who can become pregnant in the United States now face a future where they will not be able to make deeply personal choices that affect their bodies, their future, and the well-being of their families.”

Planned Parenthood Action Fund executive director Kelly Robinson made the distinction between “women” and “pregnant people” during an interview with CBS News.

“The courts have failed this country. The courts have failed women and pregnant people all over this country,” she said.

Government agencies, lawmakers and public officials alike have used the term “pregnant people” and “birthing people” in recent years in reference to transgender men and other biological females who do not personally identify as women. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said in August that “pregnant people,” rather than women, should receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The Washington Post told employees to use the term “pregnant women and other pregnant individuals” to be more “inclusive.”

Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush used the term “birthing people” during a Democratic oversight committee hearing in May, 2021, to address the disproportionate treatment of pregnant black women.

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