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Woke Activists Paid Billions Of Dollars To Radicalize US Schools

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Mary Rooke Staff Writer
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The road to controlling the U.S. education system was bought and paid for with billions of dollars as helpless American parents watched their children be consumed by the far-left ideology taught by their local teachers.

Over the past two years, several K-12 teachers were exposed as nothing more than woke activists pushing Marxist propaganda onto children.

An American student is now likely to be a low performer in reading, and the achievement gaps between high-and low-performing 12th-grade students in mathematics and reading are only widening, according to the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) report.

Instead of planning ways to correct student outcomes, school boards are increasingly accepting money intended to produce students who, while inept in reading and math, could label the colors on the gender wheel with great proficiency. (RELATED: Loudoun County Schools Sued For Allegedly Promoting Secret Gender Transitions, Pornographic Books)

The Columbia Public Schools Board of Education accepted a $10,000 grant Monday from the It Gets Better Project to create a gender-affirming closet for Rock Bridge High School students, ABC 17 reported. A gender-affirming closet allows a student without parental knowledge to change out of the clothes the they came to school and into clothes they believe represent their gender identity.

The It Gets Better Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization funded by donations like ones from its Catalyst Club members, which include “ground shakers,” like Procter & Gamble, Tarte Cosmetics, and TikTok Inc., that donate up to $999,999 a year to the organization, according to their website.

The same companies selling you household goods and make-up and exposing your child to the latest dance or cultural movement are also donating to an organization that goes to local schools implementing gender and sexual identity policies that some schools hide from parents.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and Hart Research Associates released an education survey in May that showed that a majority of likely voters are dissatisfied with the amount of say parents have in what their children are taught in public schools.

Almost 50% of voters said U.S. education has become too politicized, and 38% said students being “exposed to inappropriate teaching about topics like sexual orientation and gender fluidity” was in the top four of the biggest problems facing public school education, according to the poll.

The poll surveyed 1,758 likely voters in battleground states from May 21-30. The margin of error was not listed. (RELATED: ‘Out Of Control’: Here’s How How California Pumped Hundreds Of Millions Into The ‘Diversity’ Industrial Complex)

Two years of research showed that philanthropic foundations “have been sowing seeds of critical race theory (CRT) in educational bureaucracies” well before American parents knew their children were learning CRT instead of ABC, author Luke Rosiak wrote.

“These philanthropic foundations are perhaps the most powerful and least understood force in American politics — and a key node in moving critical race theory from academic papers to society,” Rosiak said. “Pick any radical racial initiative in your child’s school, and it is likely to tie back to the Ford, Kellogg, Gates, Annie E. Casey, MacArthur, or Surdna foundations.”

Rosiak’s research found that these foundations sponsored racially divisive educational measures, like the MacArthur Foundation’s support of Nikole Hannah-Jones’ 2019 New York Times series, The 1619 Project, or The Kellogg Foundation funding connection to Newsela, a company that produces content for 90% of all U.S. schools.

The Kellogg Foundation funded a Newsela lesson plan through its support for the Zinn Education Project, Rosiak reported. (RELATED: WHO Goes All In On Left-Wing Gender Theory)

He said in one lesson plan, the teachers held “a ‘tribunal’ to decide who should be held ‘accountable’ for Covid-19 and [told] students it should not be China, and [led] them to order that ‘all members of the [U.S.] federal government [be put] in jail’ to ‘end, or lower the amount of, capitalism so no secrets are present.'”

Even more disturbing, Rosiak’s research found that the National School Board Association (which compared parents to domestic terrorists for protesting local school boards over the inclusion of race, gender and sexual ideology into their child’s curriculum) received funding from the Ford, Gates, and Carnegie foundations.

Far-left foundations and teachers unions, like the AFT run by Randi Weingarten, are connected through a Democratic Party “dark money” donor called Arabella, according to Rosiak. (RELATED: Biden Creates’ Parents Council’ That Includes People Who Publicly Defended Letter Labeling Parents’ Domestic Terrorists’)

He reported that although Arabella is not a household name because it uses “pop-up astroturf fronts, which operate with little financial disclosure and with scant public recognition of where they’re coming from,” it’s been operating for a long time.

“In 2013, New Venture Fund, one of Arabella’s most important arms, outright paid for the creation of a federal government entity, the ‘Equity and Excellence Commission,’ which pushed for a return to 1970s-style bussing,” reported Rosiak.

According to Rosiak, these progressive, far-left organizations are spending on school projects because “there is no better bang for the buck than conscripting school children.”

Some states are pushing back against these far-left progressive ideologies taught in schools. Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has taken several steps to strengthen parental rights in education and outlaw CRT and sexual and gender ideology from being taught in elementary schools.