Trevor Noah: Biden’s Approval Rating Is ‘Somewhere Between Long Covid And Uvalde Police’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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President Joe Biden’s cratering approval rating is hovering in between that of “long-COVID and Uvalde Police,” comedian and host of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” joked Monday.

Just 30% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, lower than any point under both the Trump and Obama administrations, a CNBC poll released Monday found.

Noah took a stab at record low ratings, joking that Biden is about as popular as the Uvalde Police Department, which has come under stark criticism for its response to the deadly school shooting, and “long-COVID” symptoms.

“Let’s move on from Europe to another place that is feeling the heat, the White House,” Noah said. “After being unable to accomplish anything that Joe Biden’s campaigned on, the president’s approval rating is now hovering somewhere between long-Covid and the Uvalde Police Departments and making matters worse for him is a run-away inflation, right.” (RELATED: Biden Blames Republicans For Soaring Gas Prices)


“Especially when it comes to gas prices,” the comedian continued. “The prices of gas are so high that these days driving is the entire date, you know, just like he really spoiled me last night, we drove all the way from my house to the end of the block. He is so romantic.”

“But here is the thing, until gas prices improve, neither will Joe Biden’s approval rating, right, which is why over the weekend he was in Saudi Arabia making nice with a frienemy who just happens to own a lot of oil,” Noah went on to say.

Gas prices, which have hit record highs in recent weeks, are slowly starting to come down. Biden has tried to take credit for the slight change, but the drop is largely due to diminished demand at the pump and growing fears of a worldwide recession.