Cat Smacks Owner After She Introduces Her Pronouns


Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A woman’s cat smacked her across the face after she introduced herself with pronouns, according to video footage of the incident.

The woman was smacked almost instantaneously after she introduced herself with “she/her” pronouns. After the smack, the woman sat in front of the camera with a gaping mouth and dropped the cat to the ground.


Including pronouns in an individual’s introduction is becoming increasingly popular in far-left circles. The Wall Street Journal noted that Vice President Kamala Harris includes “she/her” pronouns in her Twitter biography, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg includes “he/him” pronouns in his profile.

The use of “neo-pronouns” is popularized among extreme leftists as well. Examples include pronouns such as “they/them,” “ze/zir,” and “ey/em.” Pronoun usage, including the use of “neo-pronouns,” is a topic discussed with young children in public schools as well.

According to a picture posted to the popular Libs of TikTok account, which documents a litany of leftists who obsess over pronoun usage, a teacher posted “neo-pronouns” on a classroom bulletin board.

One extremist went as far as tattooing the pronouns “they/them” on their face. (RELATED: Gender Ideologues Don’t Want Scientists Identifying Skeletons As Male Or Female)

Pronoun usage also extends to children’s literature. One book titled, “The Pronoun Book,” introduces infants to the use of pronouns.