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Editor Daily Rundown: Dems Prep To Put Biden Out To Pasture

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Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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DEMS PREP TO PUT BIDEN OUT TO PASTURE… Poll: Three Out Of Every Four Democrats Want Someone To Replace Biden For President In 2024

Three out of every four Democrats want someone besides Biden to run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2024, according to a CNN poll released Tuesday.

Fifty-one percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning voters said the same thing in a poll conducted in January and February of 2022.

The poll was conducted through the internet and surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,002 adults, aged 18 years and older. The poll had a margin of error of +/- 4 percentage points.

Of the Democrats and Democrat-leaning voters polled, 24% said they preferred a different candidate because they thought Biden couldn’t win against Republicans in 2024, up from 18% who said the same thing in a poll conducted in January and February.


WHITE HOUSE IN ALL OUT PANIC AHEAD OF ECONOMIC DATA REPORT… ‘That’s Not True’: Doocy Challenges Biden Adviser On Recession Claims (VIDEO)

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy challenged White House Director of the National Economic Council Brian Deese on claims that the nation is not in a recession Tuesday.

Doocy asked Deese if the White House can be certain that the nation is not in a recession period, given that economic advisers falsely claimed inflation would be temporary.

“The president’s economic advisers were telling us last year that inflation was going to be temporary. That’s not true,” he said. “Now the president’s economic advisers are saying there’s not going to be a recession. Are you sure?”

“Well, let me just say this: we look at a range of data, we assess that data, and we lay it out for ourselves and for the president,” Deese said. “But you don’t have to take our word on this.”


LEFT PRESSURES BIDEN TO OPEN THE BORDER EVEN MORE… POLITICO: Biden goes silent after SCOTUS gives him power to nix Trump immigration policy

Last month, the Supreme Court cleared the way for the Biden administration to unwind a Trump-era policy that has forced thousands of asylum seekers to wait in Mexico, often in dangerous settings, for their U.S. court proceedings.

But having previously moved quickly to end the “Remain in Mexico” policy, the administration has suddenly decided to take its time.

The White House and Department of Homeland Security have been mum on their plans following the Supreme Court’s ruling. Immigration advocates asking about next steps have been met with a similar silence. In that void, a question has emerged: What, exactly, is the hold up?

“The bottom line is they’ve been saying they want to restore a meaningful asylum system. Well, now is their chance to show that they mean it,” said Judy Rabinovitz, deputy director of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project. “Their hands are no longer tied and as long as they’re no longer tied — they should make good on that promise.”


EARLIER THIS WEEK… OVER HALF A MILLION FOREIGN NATIONALS HAVE SNUCK PAST BORDER THIS FISCAL YEAR ALONE… FOX: Illegal immigrant ‘gotaways’ crossing US-Mexico border number more than half a million, DHS sources say

The U.S.-Mexico border has had more than half a million known “gotaways” sneak across into the U.S. since fiscal year 2022 began on October 1, Fox News has learned.

Multiple senior Department of Homeland Security sources told Fox News of the rising number of known gotaways – illegal immigrants who are spotted crossing the border but are never caught – with three months remaining in FY’22.

That number has already eclipsed the 389,155 known gotaways that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas previously testified there were in all of FY’21.


BIDEN TRIES TO RECOVER FROM HIS PARTY’S ‘DEFUND THE POLICE’ HANGOVER… Biden Once Again Tries To Paint GOP As Anti-Cop — There’s Just One Problem

President Joe Biden tried to paint Republicans as being anti-police on social media and in a Monday speech before black law enforcement executives.

“How can Congressional Republicans claim to be pro-police?” Biden asked in a Tuesday Twitter post. A graphic noted Biden’s support for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and passage of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

But Biden’s own vice president praised a Democratic mayor in 2020 for reducing his city’s police budget.

“I applaud Mayor Garcetti for doing what he’s done,” Vice President Kamala Harris said about Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti’s decision to seek a cut off $150 million from the Los Angeles Police Department during the 2020 campaign, according to the New York Post.


WHITE HOUSE: CHINESE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T UNDERSTAND HOW INSIGNIFICANT A PELOSI TAIWAN VISIT WOULD BE… CNN: Biden administration working behind the scenes to convince Pelosi of the risks of traveling to Taiwan

National security officials are quietly working to convince House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the risks her potential trip to Taiwan could pose during a highly sensitive moment between the self-governing island and China.

Sources familiar with the speaker’s plans say she is planning to visit in the coming weeks as part of a broader trip to Asia and has invited both Democrats and Republicans to accompany her. If she goes, she would be the first House speaker to visit in a quarter century. […]

Administration officials are concerned Pelosi’s trip comes at a particularly tense moment, as Xi is expected to seek an unprecedented third term at the upcoming Chinese Communist Party congress. Chinese party officials are expected to begin laying the groundwork for that conference in the coming weeks, putting pressure on the leadership in Beijing to show strength.

Officials also believe the Chinese leadership don’t completely grasp the political dynamics in the United States, leading to a misunderstanding over the significance of Pelosi’s potential visit. The officials say China may be confusing Pelosi’s visit with an official administration visit, since she and Biden are both Democrats. Administration officials are concerned that China doesn’t separate Pelosi from Biden much, if at all.


HUNTER BIDEN CASE MAY BE TOO HOT FOR US ATTORNEY TO HANDLE… MARGOT CLEVELAND: DOJ Insiders Say Delaware US Attorney’s Office Too Inadequate To Investigate Biden Family Corruption

The Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office investigating Hunter Biden lacks the wherewithal and resources to adequately probe the dubious financial dealings of the Biden family and their business partners, according to three current or former Department of Justice officials.

“If any single one of the dozens of issues had been alleged about the Bush or Trump families, a special counsel would have been appointed immediately,” said one career official familiar with the probe. “[The Delaware office] needs help. There’s no way it can tackle everything it needs to, even if it tried.” Two other officials also expressed concern about resources available to the investigation, particularly given the political sensitivity and complexity of the underlying issues. […]

The White House has to date rejected calls for a special counsel, but three current or former DOJ officials tell The Federalist that conflicts of interest aside, the complexity and scope of the investigation exceed the capabilities of the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office.


BIDEN’S JAN 6 DRAGNET HAS CHARGED 842 PEOPLE SO FAR… WAPO: More than 840 suspects have been charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot

As of July 18, 842 suspects have been federally charged in the Justice Department’s probe of the Capitol insurrection. […]

Only one defendant has been acquitted of all charges since the Justice Department started prosecuting the mob that stormed the Capitol building. A federal judge found a former Energy Department contract engineer not guilty of trespassing and disorderly conduct in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, saying the defendant plausibly argued that police officers allowed him into the building.

The Washington Post analyzed court filings, case documents and other public information about those charged and sentenced as of July 18. The most common felony charges suspects face fall into three categories: interfering with police, obstruction of an official proceeding and trespassing. Defendants in the more than 500 ongoing cases together face almost a thousand felony counts.

As of mid-July, more than 200 people who participated in the riot at the Capitol have been sentenced, according to the analysis. Twenty-four defendants have been sentenced with felonies and 194 with misdemeanors alone. All of the defendants sentenced with felonies face incarceration; on average, each defendant was sentenced to about two years of prison time.


TUESDAY… FORMER DC CITY COUNCIL STAFFER GETS MORE THAN 5 YEARS IN PRISON… LAW & CRIME: D.C. Resident Receives More Than Five Years in Prison for ‘Wildly’ Assaulting Three Police Officers with Poles on Jan. 6

A D.C. man who hit three police officers with poles during a Jan. 6-related melee received a stiff sentence of more than five years in prison, months higher than even federal prosecutors recommended. He pleaded guilty in April to assaulting those officers with a dangerous weapon.

Mark K. Ponder, 56, admitted to swinging multiple polls at police during the attack on the U.S. Capitol. Court papers say that the first pole “broke in two” after making contact with a riot shield one of the officers used to protect his head, and Ponder secured another adorned in the colors of the American flag.




ESCALATION… BIDEN DOJ STARTS TO CIRCLE TRUMP… WAPO: Justice Dept. investigating Trump’s actions in Jan. 6 criminal probe

The Justice Department is investigating President Donald Trump’s actions as part of its criminal probe of efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, according to four people familiar with the matter.

Prosecutors who are questioning witnesses before a grand jury — including two top aides to Vice President Mike Pence — have asked in recent days about conversations with Trump, his lawyers, and others in his inner circle who sought to substitute Trump allies for certified electors from some states Joe Biden won, according to two people familiar with the matter. Both spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.

The prosecutors have asked hours of detailed questions about meetings Trump led in December 2020 and January 2021; his pressure campaign on Pence to overturn the election; and what instructions Trump gave his lawyers and advisers about fake electors and sending electors back to the states, the people said. Some of the questions focused directly on the extent of Trump’s involvement in the fake-elector effort led by his outside lawyers, including John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani, these people said.

In addition, Justice Department investigators in April received phone records of key officials and aides in the Trump administration, including his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, according to two people familiar with the matter. That effort is another indicator of how expansive the Jan. 6 probe had become, well before the high-profile, televised House hearings in June and July on the subject.


LESTER HOLT INTERVIEWS GARLAND… TIM GRAHAM: Lester Holt pushed the Attorney General about prosecuting Trump: “We pursue justice without fear or favor.” The natural next question then? “Oh, and how is the Hunter Biden probe going?” (VIDEO)


JONATHAN TURLEY: I am not sure how it is particularly news for AG Garland to say that no one is above the law and can be prosecuted for crimes, including Trump. […] The alternative is to say that the DOJ would never charge Trump regardless of the evidence…


JAN 6 COMMITTEE RELEASES SNIPPET OF FORMER SECDEF… IMPLYING TRUMP NEVER SOUGHT NATIONAL GUARD AHEAD OF JAN 6… JAN 6 COMMITTEE: To remove any doubt: Not only did Donald Trump fail to contact his Secretary of Defense on January 6th (as shown in our hearing), Trump also failed to give any order prior to January 6 to deploy the military to protect the Capitol. Here is Secretary Miller’s testimony — (VIDEO)



MORE… JOHN SOLOMON: Trump gave order to ‘make sure’ Jan. 6 rally was ‘safe event,’ Pentagon memo shows

But the most compelling piece of evidence that Trump wanted to thwart — rather than incite —violence is contained in a lengthy memo written by the Pentagon inspector general that chronicled the assistance the Defense Department offered Congress both ahead of and during the riot.

In it, the IG recounts a fateful meeting on Jan. 3, 2021 in the White House when then-acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, met with Trump on national security matters.

The complete passage — hardly mentioned by Democrats at the hearings or the news media covering them — is worth absorbing in its entirety.

“Mr. Miller and GEN Milley met with the President at the White House at 5:30 p.m.,” the IG reported. “The primary topic they discussed was unrelated to the scheduled rally. GEN Milley told us that at the end of the meeting, the President told Mr. Miller that there would be a large number of protestors on January 6, 2021, and Mr. Miller should ensure sufficient National Guard or Soldiers would be there to make sure it was a safe event. Gen Milley told us that Mr. Miller responded, ‘We’ve got a plan and we’ve got it covered.'”


DEMS DUMBSTRUCK AS THEIR PARTY SUPPORTS ‘MAGA’ REPUBLICANS IN PRIMARIES… ‘I’m Disgusted’: Dems Turn On Their Own Party For Interfering In GOP Primaries

Many Democrats are criticizing their own party for meddling in Republican primary elections to promote candidates backed by former President Donald Trump.

The criticism comes after reports that the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) made substantial ad buys to support more conservative Republican candidates endorsed by Trump in primaries. The DGA promoted Dan Cox, the eventual Republican nominee for governor of Maryland, while the DCCC reportedly made a substantial ad buy to promote a primary challenger to Republican Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan. one of ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol building.

“I’m disgusted that hard-earned money intended to support Democrats is being used to boost Trump-endorsed candidates, particularly the far-right opponent of one of the most honorable Republicans in Congress, @RepMeijer,” Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota posted on Twitter.

“No race is worth compromising your values in that way,” Democratic Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy told Politico.


FACEBOOK BOSS SAYS IT’S TIME FOR BELT-TIGHTENING… EMPLOYEE IMMEDIATELY ASKS ABOUT EXTRA VACATION DAYS… NY POST: Mark Zuckerberg ‘visibly frustrated’ over worker’s vacation question: report

Mark Zuckerberg failed to conceal his annoyance with an employee who asked about vacation days during a meeting in which the Meta CEO revealed plans to cut underperforming workers, according to a report.

During a companywide Q&A meeting on June 30, the Facebook boss warned a recent market slump “might be one of the worst downturns that we’ve seen in recent history” as he explained the reasoning behind the cost cuts.

During the virtual session, Zuckerberg reportedly “appeared visibly frustrated” after one Chicago-based employee asked whether “Meta Days,” or extra time off introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, would continue in 2023.

“Um … all right,” Zuckerberg said after hearing the pre-recorded question, according to a recording obtained by The Verge. “Given my tone in the rest of the Q&A, you can probably imagine what my reaction to this is.”


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