‘An Awful Lot Of Them Haven’t Affected People’s Lives’: Chris Wallace Says Bills Being Passed Aren’t Helping Americans

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Chris Wallace said Thursday on “New Day” that Democrats passing a slew of legislation doesn’t actually matter because it’s not helping Americans.

The panel discussed record-high inflation and Biden’s cratering approval rating, with host John Berman asking how, despite Biden’s low approval rating, legislation is still being passed.

“How do you account for that gap between Biden’s low approval rating and the fact that things are actually getting done in Washington, which is something we’re not accustomed to always?” Berman asked.

“Here’s where I take issue with that, John,” Wallace began. “It seems to me that bills are being passed, but people don’t live on the front page of ‘The New York Times’ or, or ‘New Day’ on CNN, they live in their daily lives and even though those bills have been passed, and you can look at all the bills there, an awful lot of them haven’t affected people’s lives yet.”

“I mean, what are they living in their daily lives? They’re living gasoline, which, yes, is down substantially, but it’s still a dollar a gallon more expensive than it was a year ago. They’re living with crime, they’re living with all kinds of issues,” Wallace continued. (RELATED: ‘Remarkable Record’: Axios Co-Founder Says Biden Is Doing A Great Job, Compares Him To Reagan)

“And the fact that a CHIPS bill has been passed, or, you know, it looks like, but not sure, but it looks like they’re going to pass… this partisan reconciliation bill, that hasn’t affected people’s lives yet. So, when things begin to make a difference in people’s lives, maybe you’ll see some effect,” Wallace said. “But the fact that Washington passes something and we haven’t seen the downstream results of it, I think has very limited political effect… I think at a certain point people had made judgments about Joe Biden and clearly at this point at least it can change. People don’t have confidence in him,” he continued.

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer joined forces for the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which Manchin threw his support behind despite criticism that the bill would have little to no impact on current inflation woes.

“[People] can’t eat legislation that either hasn’t been passed or hasn’t affected their daily lives,” Wallace concluded.

The Senate also passed the CHIPS-plus bill, which will give billions of dollars to the semiconductor manufacturing industry with the goal of boosting American competitiveness against China.