Country Music Star Morgan Wallen Shotguns Beers On Stage With His ‘Favorite’ Rapper


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Country music superstar Morgan Wallen shotgunned beers on stage in Atlanta with one of his favorite musicians earlier in August.

Long before Morgan signed his first major record deal in 2016, the “Dangerous” singer tweeted back in 2012 that Jeezy was his “favorite” musician to listen to. A decade later, Wallen was joined on stage by the performer, and the pair even shotgunned beers together along with the singer Hardy, according to Nokia News.

Wallen had the venue’s speakers pump out Jeezy’s “Put On” as he walked out onto the stage, TMZ reported. Afterwards, the pair reportedly hung out backstage and talked music. Jeezy is clearly a fan of Wallen too, with hit-song “Whiskey Glasses,” being one of his favorites, according to a video shared by TMZ. “That was my shit,” Jeezy said of the song.

The “Somebody’s Problem” singer is in the thick of a major U.S. tour just a year after an almost career-ending crisis that nearly saw Wallen cancelled forever. Since apologizing for his previous actions, he’s gone on to eviscerate almost every country music record and is arguably the biggest star of this moment in music history. (RELATED: Morgan Wallen Continues To Dominate The Music Industry, Despite Cancelation Efforts)

Along with making amends for his previous indiscretions, Wallen recently surprised a team of Tennessee little leaguers with an all-expenses-paid trip to the Dixie Youth Baseball World Series in Anderson, South Carolina.