Wendy’s Cashier Caught On Video Knocking Out Elderly Customer

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A Wendy’s employee in Arizona knocked out an elderly customer and left him in critical condition, video shows.

Antoine Kendrick, 35, who worked at the Wendy’s in Prescott Valley, was taking an order from a 67-year-old man on July 26 when the customer allegedly complained about his order, according to 3TV/CBS 5.

The elderly customer is caught on video licking his Frosty when suddenly Kendrick comes out from around the counter and sucker punches him. The customer immediately collapses to the ground while Kendrick looks at the victim, walks back to the counter and grabs some belongings before leaving the scene. (RELATED: Guys Get In A Huge Brawl In Disturbing Viral Video)

One customer told 3TV/ CBS 5 that the old man was hit “pretty hard.”

“Oh, wow that was a pretty hard hit. That was a Mike Tyson hit. The customer didn’t touch him, so he had no right to touch the customer, period, end of story. I just think that’s horrible and wish it didn’t happen. It puts a bad light on our entire society.”

The elderly man was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition after he was knocked unconscious, according to the report.

Kendrick was reportedly booked on one count of aggravated assault.