‘Many Sins’: Congressman Destroys Biden A Year After Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Texas Rep. Michael McCaul unleashed on the Biden administration during an interview on “Face The Nation,” Sunday.

McCaul’s comments came after host Margaret Brennan asked him about the Biden Administration’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2021, a clip of which was shared on Twitter. Brennan noted there are around 74,000 vulnerable Afghans still waiting for visas so they can exit the Taliban-run state.

“The State Department knew going back well into the Trump administration that it needed more staff, that it needed more resources to even begin to help get these people out, and that’s even before the chaos of the withdrawal,” Brennan noted, “is that one of the prime sins here that you see in terms of failure to plan?”

McCaul agreed, adding that there was a “complete lack and failure to plan,” even noting that “there was no plan” to safely withdraw from the 20-year conflict. “There were so many mistakes, The biggest one, Margaret, for me, having lived through it, being in the classified space, listening to the intelligence community tell the story about ‘this is going to be imminent,'” McCaul noted, adding that those individuals and the U.S. military had warned him and possibly others that Afghanistan was on the brink of collapsing into Taliban rule “sooner rather than later.” (RELATED: People Think US Used The ‘Ninja Bomb’ To Annihilate That Al-Qaida Leader)

“And then we went to State and the White House and they painted a very rosy picture,” he continued. “There’s a disconnect between intelligence on the ground and what the White House is doing in this report that says it all like there’s no way we’re going to evacuate embassy personnel from helicopters like we did in Vietnam. And of course, we know that happened.”