Princess Diana Predicted Her Death, Said Car Crash Would Be Staged

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Princess Diana reportedly predicted she would die in a car crash two years before the accident occurred, a new documentary claims.

“The Diana Investigations,” a four-part Discovery+ series premiering Aug. 18, will reportedly reveal the full story around Princess Diana’s foresight, according to the Daily Beast. The princess, her partner Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul died in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France Aug. 31, 1997 as they were fleeing from a swarm of paparazzi, the outlet continued.

The princess apparently detailed her fear of dying in a car crash to British legal representative Victor Mishcon, who prepared a detailed note of the meeting dubbed the “Mishcon Note,” the outlet reported. (RELATED: ‘Whipped Like No Other’: Trump Predicts Doom For Prince Harry’s Marriage To Meghan Markle)

Diana made the prediction on Oct. 30th, 1995 in a closed-door meeting between herself, Mishcon, and her personal secretary Patrick Jephson, the outlet continued. During the meeting, the princess claimed she had heard from “reliable sources” that efforts were being made to “get rid of her” or injure her to the point that she would be deemed “unbalanced,” either in a car incident or by other means, according to the outlet.

The British Metropolitan Police did not open an inquiry into the deaths until January 2004, despite Mishcon reportedly handing the note to Police Commissioner Sir Paul Condon immediately after the crash in 1997, the Daily Beast noted.

Lord John Stevens, who took over for Sir Condon in leading the Diana inquiry at the time, followed-up with Mishcon several times, according to the outlet.

“I interviewed Lord Mishcon on three occasions and took further statements on that letter, because it’s something that caused me great concern,” Lord Stevens told the Daily Beast. “I saw Lord Mishcon about a month before he died, in about the spring of 2005, and he held course to the fact that he thought she was paranoid, and he hadn’t held much credence to it. He was her solicitor, and remember, a solicitor has legal obligations to their clients. He was kind enough to make no mistake about it.”

The trailer for the docuseries promises “so many coincidences, so many odd things that just don’t add up” surrounding Princess Diana’s death, according to one of the interviewees.