EXCLUSIVE: ‘Totalitarian’ — House Republicans Call On DC Mayor Bowser To Drop Vaccine Mandate For Schools

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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A group of House Republicans led by Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert sent a letter Thursday to Democratic Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser calling on her to drop the vaccine mandate she put in place for all students over the age of 12 that will go into effect in 2023.

In the letter, first obtained by the Daily Caller, Gohmert and eleven other lawmakers slam Bowser, arguing that the mandate is unconstitutional and will have a negative impact on the education of children in the nation’s capital. In late August, Bowser delayed the enforcement of the student vaccine mandate until January 3, 2022 as critics argued that many students — including over 40 percent of black teens — had not yet been vaccinated.

“Mayor Bowser’s reign throughout the COVID pandemic has been nothing short of tyrannical and disastrous — not to mention hypocritical. Her ludicrous vaccine mandate for city restaurants and other venues ended just weeks after its implementation, after doing massive damage to the restaurants and the city she was supposed to help. She shamelessly partied maskless with celebrities just hours before she forced everyone in the city to wear masks indoors. And now, she is continuing down the same totalitarian, unscientific path as she forces D.C.’s children to choose between receiving an education and taking the experimental COVID shot that scientific statistics show the children don’t need,” Gohmert told the Caller before sending the letter.


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“Those who are set to benefit from this ruthless, despotic mandate are the pharmaceutical companies who get to add additional billions to their coffers thanks to the lies we were fed by the likes of Doctors Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx and Rochelle Walensky.  The distress, depression and impairment to any success for children, mostly from low-income families, could be catastrophic. Wealthier families can move their children to a private school, if not already there. The Mayor is sticking it to the children of poorer families,” Gohmert continued. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: House Oversight Republicans, Kevin McCarthy Plan November Surprise For DC Mayor Bowser)

“With each passing day, we learn more about the possibility that risks of this rushed vaccine outweigh the benefits — especially for children, who are at statistically zero risk from COVID. Also, the long-term consequences of administering such technology have yet to be revealed. If Mayor Bowser does not reverse her decision on this mandate, it is time for Congress to consider repealing the Home Rule Act to help save the DC children,” he added.

The letter was also signed by South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman, Virginia Rep. Bob Good, Illinois Rep. Mary Miller, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde, Texas Rep. Chip Roy, North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, Texas Rep. Randy Weber and Texas Rep. Michael Cloud. (RELATED: House Oversight Republicans Demand DC Mayor Bowser Answer For Rise In Violent Crime, Homelessness)

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy plan to use their power to hold Bowser accountable for implementing policies they believe are hurting the nation’s capital if the GOP wins back the majority, the Caller confirmed in February.

Bowser’s office did not immediately respond to the Caller’s inquiry about the letter.