Bill Maher Slams Liberals Who ‘Want To Abuse History To Control The Present’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Real Time” host Bill Maher went after liberals during the “New Rules” segment of his Friday night show, saying they want to “abuse history to control the present.”

Maher focused on the topic of “presentism” which he defined as applying the rules and standards of the present to actions of the past, as seen in a clip shared on YouTube. While much of his commentary was funny, noting a number of cringe-worthy moments from his own past and regrets he has, Maher soon changed tone and turned to the topic of slavery.

“The way people talk about slavery these days, you’d think it was a uniquely American thing that we invented in 1619, but slavery throughout history has been the rule, not the exception,” Maher told his audience. He continued, noting that everyone who could afford to own a slave, did so, including Africans.

“The capacity for cruelty is a human thing, not a white thing. That’s the truth, even if it doesn’t jibe with the current narrative,” Maher continued. “But in today’s world, when truth conflicts with narrative, it’s the truth that has to apologize.” (RELATED: ‘Empathy’ Is ‘Considered Offensive’: Bill Maher Explains How Wokeness In Hollywood Casting Is Destroying Liberalism)

Maher then turned his attention to the Portland Public School curriculum, which is reportedly teaching kindergarteners that sexual identity was a concept brought to America by “white colonizers.” From here, he went after the recent retelling of “Joan Of Arc” where the title character is now being portrayed as “non-binary.”

You can watch Maher’s full commentary here: