REPORT: Arsenio Hall’s Home Was Nearly Robbed Twice — While He Was Inside

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Arsenio Hall was at home when he was nearly burglarized twice in recent weeks, according to a report Tuesday.

The famous comedian and talk show host was at home Saturday at roughly 11 a.m., and said he heard a noise coming from the lower level of his residence, TMZ reported. He went downstairs to further investigate the source of the sound, and discovered that someone had broken the glass on his sliding door and attempted to gain access to his home, according to the outlet. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed it was the second attempt to rob Hall’s home.

Hall’s residence was also targeted in August, and that time, intruders made their way into his home, according to TMZ. The two suspects managed to break in to the home and enter the inside of the residence. They proceeded to make their way through Hall’s home before something spooked them. They quickly exited the property, and it is not believed that they stole anything, according to TMZ.

Local police responded to both burglary attempts, but in both cases, the suspects fled the scene. (RELATED: Barcelona Star Reportedly Beaten And Robbed During Home Invasion In Spain)

Hall’s home is reportedly equipped with a small video surveillance unit, which has now become the focus of the police investigation. Detectives believe there may be some evidence caught on that camera that may be useful in helping to solve this case, or help to identify the suspects, according to TMZ.

Police are trying to establish whether the two incidents were connected to one another, and if the same suspects were involved in both security breaches. They are also hoping to learn if it was the same would-be-robber that struck twice, and want to determine if Hall is being targeted, according to TMZ.