John Daly’s Latest Biopic Tease Is Gonna Make You Wanna Rip A Dirty Fairway Cig, Crack A Beer

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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John Daly responded to questions Thursday about Jonah Hill playing him in a biopic of his life.

In a clip shared by the Golf Channel’s Instagram account, Daly answered a series of questions about reports of the upcoming biopic of his life, which may or may not be starring Hill. Daly said the film has been in development for at least two years, and he said he thinks the report that Hill will be playing him was a leak.


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“We thought we had, but there’s some things we gotta work out,” Daly told the interviewer. “So I don’t know if that was a leak, or —I think it was a leak. So we’re still working on it, but hopefully soon we’ll get something done.”

Daly, 56, insisted “we” (whoever that may be) will get something done.

Daly said the “Superbad” star wants the role “really bad,” speaking about whether he wants Hill to portray him in the story of his life.

“The way me and [Hill] have fluctuated with weight in our lives, and no disrespect to him because I love him, I love him as an actor, but I’m sure I’mma love him as a friend too if we get this done,” Daly said.

Daly essentially concluded Hill wants the role a lot, and the pro golfer seems to think he’ll be great for the role. The only thing he has to do is get Hill on the driving range and “see how far he can take the club back,” Daly said. If Hill can prove his grit on the green, he should be all set to play Daly. (RELATED: Watch The US Open Beer-Chugging Woman House Another In Epic Fashion)

The one thing I want to see that is guaranteed to make me pick up smoking again and day drink is someone playing Clinton, who was apparently terrible at golf, according to Daly. Let’s hope this thing gets done soon!