Watch The US Open Beer-Chugging Woman House Another In Epic Fashion


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A new tradition is taking the US Open by storm, and it has literally nothing to do with tennis.

A video shared Friday showed a young blond woman chugging a beer at the 2022 US Open, an act she also undertook during the 2021 tournament. The absolute rockstar appeared to be sitting next to the same young man on both occasions, and poured the pints down her throat in record timing.

In both instances, the young woman seemed thrilled to undertake the challenge. She’s basically the definition of what every modern woman should be: pretty, classy, excited, happy and so damn cool.

The video has amassed more than a million views since Friday, with most people loving the video. One misery-guts on Twitter was less impressed, writing, “Why are we ‘proud’ or impressed by someone chugging a warm beer in a plastic cup? This is called binge drinking and it occurs on almost every college campus. It’s not heathy, it’s not impressive, and it’s certainly not role model material for young sports enthusiasts.” (RELATED: John Daly Shares His Blunt Thoughts On Biden Voters, Clinton’s Golf Game)

Firstly, if John Daly has taught us anything, it’s that literally anyone can be a world-class athlete if they do the work. Even if they want to smoke cigarettes, eat McDonalds and drink booze. Secondly, this woman didn’t ask to be a role model. She’s just having fun, something this Twitter user sounds like they’re allergic to.