John Daly Shares His Blunt Thoughts On Biden Voters, Clinton’s Golf Game


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Golf legend John Daly detailed his thoughts on Americans who voted for President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton’s golf game Monday on “Tomi Lahren is Fearless.”

“Whatever happened to speaking your opinion anymore? You know, just because somebody may say, ‘Hey, I voted for this person or that person,’ and you have an opinion on it, doesn’t mean you’re a bad person,” Daly told Lahren. “Now, if you voted for Biden you’re probably one of the dumbest, ignorant people I would ever say you are.”

“But like I said, I mean like, I do have friends that did vote for Biden, but they’re not talking about it much,” Daly continued. Lahren laughed, responding, “I hope they’re paying all the gas bills in this whole place because things are getting a little rough out there.”


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In another clip, Daly told Lahren that he “had to play” with former President Bill Clinton one time, and that his “golf game was almost as worse as what’s going on in our administration right now. Before he would hit the ball he would have another one out of his pocket, throwing it down, because he knew he wasn’t going to like it.”

“Well hey, at least he’s honest about it,” Lahren said, “Hillary, maybe not so much. Hillary would be a fun golf partner though.” (RELATED: Video Of Call Between John Daly And Donald Trump Discussing Putin And China Goes Viral)

“No.” Daly replied. Daly was the first special guest on Lahren’s new show with Outkick, according to the outlet. She said the show is “going to be political entertainment with a side of fearless hot takes,” when asked about the show.