Drew Rosenhaus’ Bentley Gets Stolen From His Driveway

Screenshot/WSVN News

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Surveillance footage shows a group of thieves stealing sports agent Drew Rosenhaus’ Bentley right from his driveway in Miami Beach, Florida, on Thursday morning.

The Bentley was parked in the driveway of Rosenhaus’ South Florida home at the time, according to WSVN News. Miami Beach Police are searching for a number of suspects and have asked the public to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers if they have information that would help with the investigation.

“You can clearly look at the video of them breaking in and stealing the car,” Rosenhaus said, according to the outlet.

“How crazy is this?” Rosenhaus added. “They have to be stopped.”

He then spoke out about the recent spike in crime and addressed the fact that he was grateful to be able to use his platform to raise awareness about increased safety concerns in the local area, according to WSVN News.

“Three people, there’s a Mercedes-Benz that’s driving behind my car on the video, they went through the security gate,” Rosenhaus said, according to the outlet. “I’m glad that I’m a person of note-oriety who can bring attention to this. I’ve been told by Miami Beach Police that there’s a rash of these robberies, burglaries taking place.”

Rosenhaus shared details about the events that unfolded at his home and indicated he was asleep at home with his wife and children when his car was being stolen, according to the outlet.

“I was not aware this was happening until the police came into my home, but if I had any inkling that they were breaking into my car, I would’ve gone out there with my firearm, and I don’t know what would’ve happened at that point,” Rosenhaus told the outlet. (RELATED:  Police Reportedly Arrest Mariah Carey’s Alleged Burglars)

“I’m gonna protect my family at all cost,” he continued, according to WSVN News.

Rosenhaus went on to share a warning to those who targeted him. “If these robbers are out there, know I’m coming for you,” he said, according to the outlet. “I’m gonna do everything within my power to get you. You messed with the wrong person, wrong family, the wrong neighborhood, we’re gonna put you behind bars.”

A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered by Crime Stoppers for information that leads to the arrest of these suspects, according to WSVN News.