PETTY: I Was Put in a Pro-Abortion Ad Without My Consent And I Want Out

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Macy Petty Contributor
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The abortion lobby manipulates anything and everything to fit their narrative, but they went too far recently when California pro-abortion Democrats used my face to further their radical abortion agenda — and I’m working to put a stop to it.

Last week, Hillary Clinton and California Governor Gavin Newsom posted a video on their Twitter accounts in support of Proposition 1, paid for by the California Democratic Party. The video begins by stating, “We are mad, sad, and scared” about the United States Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, and there is a clip of me sobbing in front of the Court on Dobbs Day with the word “sad” emblazoned on the screen.

Except, I wasn’t sad.

In the full video, it is obvious that I am an advocate for life. Just moments earlier, I had been proudly holding a Students for Life of America (SFLA) sign as I prayed for the justices’ decision. When I heard SFLA President Kristan Hawkins’ announce their ruling over the loudspeakers, I fell to my knees and cried true tears of joy.

It is a moment of happiness that I will never forget. As a Christian, I knew I had just witnessed a miracle. For generations, my family has fought against the evil of abortion, and there I was, blessed to witness history. I couldn’t stop my thankful tears — but when the abortion lobby filmed me, they chose to manipulate my passion for life to appear as though I was pro-abortion.

In their desperate attempt to fulfill their own ambitions, the California Democrats once again acted in an anti-woman way. They used me like a puppet and clipped their video deceitfully. Honestly, it’s truly embarrassing for them to stoop this low — to promote their agenda, they had to use someone who is in obvious opposition to their movement? What does that say about their group?

When a friend forwarded me this video, I was angry. I could not believe they would use my image to promote abortion. I immediately wrote a letter to those who had shared and created the video, telling them that they had “disrespected me as a young woman and an engaged member of society.” In my letter, I made my pro-life beliefs very clear and demanded the removal of my image from all pro-abortion promotions — as well as apologize for such blatant manipulation.

I made it crystal clear that I was not in favor of Proposition 1 — however, the abortion lobby has not acknowledged their wrongdoing and they continue to use my image to promote their evil proposal.

The Dobbs v. Jackson decision enabled democracy once again to speak into the abortion issue, bringing back representation and legislative action that reflects the will of the people. This ruling reminded our country that our opinions matter — and in the face of this restored freedom, I will not allow the abortion lobby to distort reality, cheating to win once again.

I know that my call for honesty and rectification have been seen because, in their most recent use of the video, the formal “Yes to Prop 1” campaign replaced the video of me crying. Clearly, they are aware of my activism and my response. However, despite knowing that they are violating my convictions, the previous video is still circulating and on their own social media platforms through various re-tweets. Hillary Clinton and Gavin Newsome both still have the video posted on their profiles as well.

I will not allow them to continue to use my image and distort my pro-life passion to promote the killing of innocent, preborn lives. While I can’t say I am surprised they did this (the abortion lobby feeds on the manipulation of women every day), I won’t be silent. Since they continue to disregard me and distribute misinformation, I will yell it from the rooftops:

I didn’t cry because Roe v. Wade was reversed; I cried because Roe should never have been put in place, and I will keep that same passion as I urge every American to fight for life to be protected in law. Take it from me — the nonconsensual poster child for California pro-abortion policy — Californians need to vote ‘No’ on Proposition 1.

Macy Petty is a passionate pro-life, pro-family advocate. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Public Administration with minors in Business, Communications, and Pre-Law. She plans for a career in public policy where she can continue to defend the dignity of human life.

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