LeBron Claims He Needs To ‘Learn How To Flop’ In Sweet Irony

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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This guy LeBron.

After the Los Angeles Lakers got yet another loss Nov. 9 against the in-town rival Los Angeles Clippers, 114-101, LeBron James spoke with reporters and complained about having a hard time getting foul calls this season, making the claim that the Clippers game was the third straight where referees admitted to him personally that they missed calls.

Yeah. Sure, LeBron.

And here’s the kicker: He hilariously said he needs to “learn how to flop.”

Not sure if Ballislife.com put the highlight up to show that nobody was touching LeBron where it warranted a foul call. If that is what they did, all the kudos in the world to those guys over there, that’s absolutely fantastic. Barely anybody touched the guy, most of the time it was LeBron putting up the basketball from behind the arc with literally nobody around him.

Then he goes to the press and says that?

And the irony, it’s absolutely unreal.

Roll the footage:

LeBron, from the looks of it, you already know “how to flop.”

Oh, and by the way, yours truly happened to catch that game against the Clippers and saw what atrociousness that led to, what now? (RELATED: Elon Musk’s $8 Blue Checkmark Is Already Causing Chaos For LeBron And The Sports World)

Let the meme take care of it for us, thanks to the good folks over at Barstool Sports.

2 and friggin’ 9.

These are your Los Angeles Lakers, baby!