LeBron And The Lakers Are So Trash That They Need A DoorDash Driver To Save Them

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The Los Angeles Lakers are in a sad state, ladies and gentlemen.

So, LeBron and the boys ended up getting their second win Nov. 2 against the New Orleans Pelicans, barely dragging out a 120-117 victory on their own court in the Staples Center. (Not calling it the Crypto.com Arena)

Before we got to that point, however, the Lakers were actually losing (no shocker there) to the Pelicans, 111-108, with just 1.3 seconds left on the clock. Los Angeles passed out the ball, attempting to make a three-point shot to send them into overtime, and who did they get to save their ass?

LeBron James?


Anthony Davis?


Was it Russell Westbrook?


It was Matt “Notre Dame/Vanderbilt/Chattanooga Legend” Ryan, former DoorDash driver in the flesh.

Yeah, this is the sad state of the iconic Los Angeles Lakers. Getting saved by a guy who people think of a washed-up quarterback when they hear his name. This is LeBron James’ apparent kingdom.

Honest moment: Yours truly is actually a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers BRAND — the brand will always be legendary no matter how shitty the team is. It’s like the Miami Hurricanes college football program, their BRAND will always be iconic despite how shitty things are for the team, like getting blown out by Duke at home.

However, with this current Los Angeles Lakers team, there’s actually no love here. (RELATED: LeBron James Air-Balling A Logo Three Is Probably The Most Embarrassing Shot Of His Career)

This team is garbage, and easy to make fun of, and with LeBron being so unlikable (which is the top reason), well, there you go. Keep losing and keep getting DoorDash drivers to save your ass, Laker Nation. Keep giving us those 2-5 (nearly 1-6) numbers. Keep giving us the clips of you celebrating your first win of the season like you just won the NBA Finals.

Us Lakers haters can’t get enough of it.