Benched Baker Mayfield Headbutts His Teammates Without Helmet On. Al Michaels Roasts Him

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Carolina Panthers backup QB Baker Mayfield celebrated Thursday by headbutting a teammate without a helmet.

Not playing a single snap in the Nov. 10 Panthers win over the Atlanta Falcons, Mayfield was fired up on the sidelines for his teammates, headbutting a few of them while they were wearing helmets – the only head protection Mayfield had was a baseball cap.

With head trauma and concussion concerns already at a boiling point, and ratcheting up even more after the scary injury of Tua Tagovailoa that he suffered earlier in the season, Mayfield caught loads of attention, including from Amazon play-by-play commentator Al Michaels.

“Good way to wind up in concussion protocol even though you don’t get into the game,” pointed out Michaels.

After being a No. 1 overall pick for the Cleveland Browns in the 2018 NFL Draft, Baker Mayfield was traded to the Carolina Panthers back in the offseason after four seasons. However, Mayfield only managed to get one win in his first five starts for the team before ultimately suffering an ankle injury.

That’s when backup quarterback P.J. Walker would take over the reins of the team, who would end up being benched against the Cincinnati Bengals with Mayfield taking back the job. Now, the Carolina Panthers find themselves in a back-and-forth scenario after they chose Walker to start the game against Atlanta. (RELATED: Arizona Cardinals’ Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins Get Into Heated Argument Over Accusations Of Terrible Vision)

In that game against the Falcons, Walker threw 10-for-16 with 108 yards, according to ESPN, in a game that saw lackluster weather conditions being rainy and windy.

The Carolina Panthers now improve to 3-7 on the season and will be headed on the road to take on the 6-3 Baltimore Ravens Nov. 20.

What a bone-headed move by Baker Mayfield, goodness gracious.