Michelle Obama Says Biden Is ‘Doing A Great Job’ But Won’t Say If She Endorses Him For 2024

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former First Lady Michelle Obama said during an ABC News special Sunday that while President Joe Biden is “doing a great job,” she wouldn’t yet endorse him.

Obama was asked whether she wanted to see Biden run for reelection.

“You know, I, I – I will have to see,” Obama said. (RELATED: ‘Not Sharing’: White House Refuses To Say Why Biden Has A ‘List’ Of Reporters)

“It’s a personal decision that he and his family have to make. Probably, if I hadn’t been through it, I would feel more cavalier about opining on it,” she said. “But I know it’s a personal call and I don’t want to be one of the millions of people weighing in on what he should do, he and Jill should do.”

Obama also noted that Biden is “doing the best he can under some tough circumstances.”

“It’s probably the only job that few people know what it feels like to do, but everybody thinks they know how to do it. Everybody’s a backseat driver when it comes to being the Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation on earth. But it’s a tough job and I think that he’s doing the best he can under some tough circumstances.”

Biden said one day after the midterm elections he would discuss a 2024 bid with his family before officially announcing his run.

“My intention is that I run again, but I am a great respecter of fate, and this is ultimately a family decision,” Biden told reporters. “I think everybody wants me to run, but we’re going to have discussions about it, and I don’t feel any hurry one way or another to make that judgment today, tomorrow, whenever, no matter what my predecessor does,” Biden said.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Sunday Biden should launch a bid for president, saying he has “accomplished so much.”

“President Biden has been a great president for our country. He has accomplished so much, over 10 million jobs under his leadership – working with the private sector, of course.”

House Majority Whip James Clyburn said Monday that Biden is “exactly” what the country needs in 2024.

Contrary to Democratic politicians’ statements, a recent exit poll found more than two-thirds of Americans think Biden should not run for a second term.