Meghan Markle Attempts British Accent, Limeys Go Crazy, Forget They Lost The War

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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My former countrymen seem to love finding any excuse to attack Meghan Markle. Most recently, they went for her after she apparently attempted a British accent.

In the latest episode of her “Archetypes” podcast, Markle had a friendly chat with British actress Jameela Jamil. At the start of the show, Markle somewhat mimicked Jamil’s accent when she said, “Ello. Hello, my friend. How are you doing?”

Losers on Twitter absolutely wet themselves hearing Markle’s use of the word “Ello,” almost to the point where the hyperbole seemed bought. I honestly wouldn’t put it past the Royal Family to be paying Twitter farms to troll her, that’s how stupid the responses were.

“Now making fun of the British accent? Please Meghan, just shut up,” wrote one user, completely misinterpreting the comment. Another women went so far as to say Markle’s accent was “pathetic, really,” according to the New York Post. I’d argue that having the time to care about how a celebrity talks to her close friends is pretty pathetic, actually.

Either these trolls are being paid or they forget that while Markle was on “Suits,” there wasn’t a man on the archipelago or in the Commonwealth who didn’t list her as their biggest celebrity crush. People hated Markle the moment she started dating Prince Harry, well before the family drama because a pathetic number of British girls thought they actually had a shot with him.

Now they will look for any excuse to hate on her, but this one went too far. Listen, for all of you Brits who’ve never been to America, everyone here attempts a British accent within the first 30 minutes of meeting one of us. It’s like a right of passage, and I’ve developed my own set of rules for people who bring up my heritage.

For example, when someone tells me they’re “such an Anglophile,” I like to go on a rant about how I’m actually Welsh. The Welsh have lived in Wales for potentially tens, if not hundreds of thousands of years, and have either destroyed or assimilated into any culture trying to overthrow us.

England has literally bowed down to every single ground-invasion in its history. England also lost their war with America, and every snipe and spit at this great country comes across as a childish tantrum, including all of those aimed at Markle. (RELATED: The People Behind The Grammy Awards Prove Themselves To Be Stupid AF With Their Morgan Wallen Snub)

You can hate me for loving America and for defending Markle, but I don’t care. I’m living in the #1 country on Earth. Where does England even rank? No one cares, because it ain’t #1.