‘Nonbinary Identity Is Real’: NHL Goes Full Woke In A Tweet. Is The League Trying To Alienate Fans?


Seth Roy Contributor
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The NHL has gone completely woke.

In a tweet Tuesday, the NHL claimed that “[n]onbinary identity is real.”

They’re spreading utter nonsense to their near seven million followers online, and it’s disgusting, considering that there are literally only two genders.

I can’t believe that the National Hockey League’s official stance on gender identity is that there are more than two. It’s almost laughable of them to be this dumb. If the person running the league’s Twitter account opened up the Holy Bible or did just a little bit of soul searching, then he or she would know that there are only males or females when they pop out from their mothers’ wombs.

The scariest part about this is how our incompetent president, Joe Biden, will agree whole-heartedly with the NHL’s stance on this.  I’m convinced that Democrat-leaning organizations like the NHL will say just about anything for political gain for the left, even if it means ruining the lives of millions of children in the process ultimately. (RELATED: 16 Female Swimmers Say Trans Teammate Lia Thomas Should Not Be Allowed To Compete, Fear Retaliation For Speaking Up)

Donald Trump was spot on when he said everything woke turns to shit. It’s only a matter of time until the NHL loses a massive chunk of its audience for spreading misinformation and for being so radical and idiotic.