Let The Chaos Begin: College Football’s Transfer Portal Officially Opens

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Are you ready for crash content?

I’m ready for crash content.

The NCAA college football transfer portal officially opened up Dec. 5. If you’re not familiar with what the transfer portal is, it’s basically college football’s version of the gates of hell — in a good way, of course.

It’s a time where a beautiful creature named “chaos” is let out to do its thing for 45 days, which is the amount of time the transfer portal is open. It’s almost as if the portal is the one from “Jeepers Creepers” — you know, how “it” had 23 days to go out and eat.

Instead, here, players have 45 days to transfer to a new school on whichever deal they work out with that university (like potentially getting a crapload of money).

This is college football’s version of what professional athletes like to call “free agency.”

Sure, you’re going to have players who are in the portal in an attempt to get more playing time, but name, image and likeness deals are starting to come forward in full force. It will become a major factor to several players over the next 45 days. (RELATED: Deion Sanders Told Colorado Players To Join Transfer Portal Because He’s Bringing His Own ‘Luggage’ After Being Hired)

You’re going to see big money spent from boosters who have no problem writing up huge checks to land top athletes for their school. Historically, this has always been done, but it’s been done secretively and was once illegal in the NCAA rulebook. Now, we’re going to be entering an era where it’s completely legal, and you’re going to have one school’s booster club trying to outshine another’s to grab both championships and flexing rights — which is totally great, by the way. I would do the same thing if I was rich: I’d be the George Steinbrenner of the college football world.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with ESPN’s 30 for 30 film “Pony Exce$$,” but it’ll be that on steroids.

Let the games begin.

Man, this is gonna be a fun month and a half.