Justin Verlander Signs Massive 2-Year, $86 Million Deal With The New York Mets

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The New York Mets just made an absolute power move.

Justin Verlander, who is a three-time Cy Young Award winning ace with unbelievably historic numbers at the age of 39, signed with the New York Mets on a two year, $86 million contract Dec. 5, according to Jeff Passan of ESPN.

A source also told ESPN that the deal involves a vesting third-year option.

Justin Verlander became a free agent after opting out of his $25 million annual salary with the Houston Astros.

Entering his 40’s in February 2023 with a new team, Justin Verlander helped the Astros win their second World Series championship back in October, while also capturing in his third Cy Young Award after having the lowest earned run average (ERA) in the 2022 season.

The exact numbers are mesmerizing, with Verlander compiling a dominant 18-4 record with a flashy 1.75 ERA. On top of that, he also piled up 185 strikeouts in 28 starts. The flaming numbers made him a nine-time All-Star.

There’s two ways I take this whole situation:

1. As an Atlanta Braves fan, this is a bit of a punch to the gut. Not only is Justin Verlander a superstar ace, but he’s doing it on such a dominant and historic level, what pitcher do we have and who can we get to compete against that? Yeah, it’s a bit of a toughie. This man is literally throwing faster now than what he was before his Tommy John surgery, and with how insanely great he is, it’s not looking like there’s any retirement in sight. My Braves are going to have to compete against this in the NL East for at least a couple of years… Joy. (RELATED: Justin Verlander Accomplishes What No Other Pitcher Has Done In MLB History)

2. On the other hand, with the way I view sports, I understand that this is a business. From Verlander’s point of view, you’re getting a $43 million average salary to be in the New York City market where you can make even more money. On top of that, you’re playing for the Mets, and yeah, they’ve haven’t won a World Series since 1986, but they now have top-notch ownership in Steve Cohen who is willing to spend all kinds of money for talent (obviously) and you get to wear those swagged out jerseys.

Logically, I get it, but as a fan, this sucks.