Brock Purdy Is Solid At Karaoke, But He’s No Match For The Angelic Voices Of The Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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I could totally party with Brock Purdy.

A video is circulating online of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy singing karaoke at a bar named Outlaws in Ames, Iowa, back in the spring (I looked it up and saw that Purdy went to Iowa State, so that makes sense), and quite frankly, Purdy had the crowd rockin’.

Brock Purdy is obviously the kind of guy who knows how to party. You don’t get that hype singing karaoke and have people roaring like that if you don’t know how to party. Purdy knows how to party, and I bet he’s getting plenty of purdy women while at it, especially with the damage that he’s causing to the NFL at the moment. I’d love to party with that guy, seems like somebody you get drunk and throw up with, just to get drunk even more after the fact while picking up chicks.

With that being said though, if we’re talking about the greatest singers in the National Football League at the moment, you’ve got to give it to the Philadelphia Eagles offensive line(RELATED: The Eagles’ Offensive Line Is Coming Out With A Christmas Album. Yes, Seriously, And They’re Actually Pretty Good)

Just listen to these angels:

Plus, it’s Christmas music, how can you not ride with Christmas music here in the Christmas season?

What a hell of a debate though. You have the current NFC No. 1 seed Philadelphia Eagles (12-1) and No. 3 San Francisco 49ers (10-4) being the only two teams right now that have clinched playoff spots in the conference, both are battling for the top spot in said conference, and now here they are fighting it out for the best singing in the NFL. (RELATED: Listen To The Most Painfully Awkward Two Minutes As Richard Sherman Clashes With Host On Live Radio Show)

How incredible. Personally, I’m rocking with Philly.