‘Miracle’: Couple Escapes With ‘Some Scratches’ After Their Car Plunges Off 300-Foot Cliff, Lands Upside Down

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A couple driving on a California highway survived Tuesday after plunging 300 feet off a cliff and landing upside down in a canyon.

Driver Christian Zelada pulled over to let another car pass while on a mountain drive near his home in Glendale, People reported. (RELATED: Washington Woman Driving Pickup Truck Falls 60 Feet Off Cliff, Lives To Tell The Tale)

Zelada and his 23-year-old girlfriend, passenger Cloe Fields, spun out of control in their Hyundai Elantra, tumbled backwards off the Angeles Forest Highway and landed into Monkey Canyon.

“All we could see was trees, dirt and smoke, and we were hitting trees,” Fields told People. “Then we felt the rolling and we were upside down.”

“We looked at each and checked each other, and all we had were some scratches,” Fields added. “Then my first initial thought was ‘Where’s my phone?’”

Fields’ iPhone 14 detected the crash and made an SOS call to an Apple emergency relay center that alerted officials of the accident and location, according to People.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department found Fields and Zelada within 30 minutes, despite the lack of cell service, People reported.

“For them to go over and survive is nothing short of a miracle,” Sgt. John Gilbert, a deputy for the L.A. County sheriff’s department, told People.