‘I Am Not Your Servant!’: Flight Attendant Unloads On Passenger As Tempers Flare

[Public/Screenshot/Twitter — User: @shukla_tarun]

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A video showing a angry exchange between an IndiGo flight attendant and a passenger has gone viral online.

“I am an employee,” the crew member shouts at the passenger in the video, posted Wednesday, that has garnered nearly 3 million views on Twitter. “I am not your servant.”(RELATED: Reports Of Unruly Passengers On Airline Flights Plummeted After Biden’s Mask Mandate Was Struck Down)

“You pointed finger at me and you are yelling at me,” she said. “My crew is crying because of you. Please try to understand that there is a cart, there are counters uplifted. We can always serve what you want.”

The man asked, “Why are you yelling” and the flight attendant replied, “Because you yelled on us.”

The argument happened on a flight from Istanbul to Delihi on Dec. 16, The Indian Express reported.

Sanjiv Kapoor, Jet Airways CEO, expressed support for the flight attendant.

“Crew are human too,” Kapoor tweeted. “It must have taken a lot to get her to breaking point. Over the years I have seen crew slapped and abused on board flights, called “servant” and worse. Hope she is fine despite the pressure she must be under.”

Another passenger explained that the video was “one side of the story” and that some of the passengers on the flight were “ill-mannered and very rude to the crew,” calling them “servants.”