John Daly Is Already Back Smoking, Boozing And Hanging With Hooters Girls Despite Major Surgery

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

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This dude John Daly is such a legend, man.

It hasn’t even been a full two weeks since golfer John Daly underwent full knee replacement surgery, yet he’s already back to entertaining fans and hanging out with Hooters Girls at a Jan. 2 golf event in Jacksonville, Florida.

Raising money for the Heart of a Lion Foundation to support veterans, first responders and children, John Daly attended the Hair of the Dawg Golf Classic at San Jose Country Club, and was taking photos with the Hooters Girls who were present.


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And not just that, but the 56-year-old was hanging out with those Hooters Girls while carrying some Good Boy Vodkas and Marlboro cigarettes.

This dude is such a G.

This man literally just got out of surgery, and instantly goes back to the life of beautiful women, good booze and fresh cigarettes, and doing all of this at 56 years old. My body has a hard time dealing with a hangover at 32, how on earth is he doing this at 56 and just off a major surgery? (RELATED: ESPN Is Bringing Back Their ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Campaign In Absolutely Fantastic News)

Because John Daly is a thoroughbred legend, that’s why.

I wish I could learn the ways of the master.