ESPN Anchor Stops Live Broadcast To Pray For Damar Hamlin. It’s The Most Refreshing Thing You’ll See All Day

[Twitter/Screenshot/ESPN via @bbaumbro]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is an absolutely incredible breath of fresh air.

After Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during NFL’s Monday Night Football because of cardiac arrest, the phrase “thoughts and prayers” has been flooded all over television screens, in text messages, as well as featured in tweets.

ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky cranked it up another notch Jan. 3, actually saying a prayer for Hamlin on live television, doing so on the four-letter network’s “NFL Live” as Hamlin remains in critical condition.

“God, we come to you in these moments that we don’t understand, that are hard, because we believe that you’re God, and coming to you and praying to you has impact,” said Orlovsky.

To be honest, I’m actually quite stunned that ESPN let him say a prayer on live television with how they skew liberal, but I’m glad they did. This was absolutely spectacular.

I’ve been feeling for a while that America has turned its back on God. You get that impression when you skim through the left-leaning media and see some of the stuff that you do. I’m not going to get into it, but that’s just how I’ve been feeling for awhile now, so quite frankly with my mindset, it was certainly refreshing to see literally everybody go to God with this entire Damar Hamlin situation. And now you have liberal ESPN letting their analysts say actual prayers on their live broadcasts. (RELATED: ‘Taking It Day By Day’: Damar Hamlin’s Uncle Gives Update On NFL Star)

It was amazing to see, and shout out to Dan Orlovsky for doing that. I’ll be honest, I actually didn’t like Orlovsky before this. I always viewed him as some loud-mouth sports media gasbag who made me cringe and I immediately turned to FS1 when he came on (hey, I’m just being honest), but after this?

Respect, mad respect. I can always admire a man of God, which is far more important than anything related to sports.